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our promise to you

un·cooked is a grab and go restaurant offering uncooked, plant-based food made from whole ingredients. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we serve coffee, smoothies, elixirs, juices, entrees, and desserts.

-100% plant-based

- no refined sugar or agave ever

- always gluten-free

- sustainably sourced

- whole food ingredients

- chef-crafted in our kitchen

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we believe in fostering joy in everything we do by delivering a memorable experience to every patron and giving back to the community we serve. we aim to be as low waste as possible by using plastic free packaging.

our mission

un·cooked is a concept with an eye to the future and strong roots in the past. Founders Carole, Jeremy, and Kaitlyn Jones have combined their unique journeys, diverse skill sets, passion for our planet, and sense of adventure to create un·cooked where they live their mission to transform the world through plants.

our passions

un·cooked was born over morning coffee (the one “cooked” item we serve in our store). It is a culmination of our family’s unique journey from one generation to the next.

un·cooked is the realization of our ultimate passions – to share the beauty and variety found in whole plant-based foods, to advocate for the welfare of animals, to restore our planet, and to foster joy – to our un·cooked champions and patrons, to our communities and to our planet.

our story

The path to un·cooked began more than 13 years ago. Carole was driven to share the healing powers of a plant-based diet after losing her husband (Jeremy’s father) to cancer. Her career in raw food began at Karyn’s Raw where she rose through the ranks to manager. In 2009, she co-founded Chicago Raw where she developed and managed the production of 120+ menu items and shared the joy of delicious plant-based foods with her happy patrons.

Jeremy Jones spent five years at Chicago Raw which sparked the beginning of his passion for conscious business practices. With a deep-rooted desire to understand why people get sick, Jeremy approached the restoration of health through physical movement. His path led him to the training and fitness industry where he met his wife, Kaitlyn. Through un·cooked, Jeremy seeks to return the concept of restaurant to its literary French roots, “restaurer” meaning “to restore”, and is the driving force behind our purpose to fuel positive impact on our communities and planet.

Kaitlyn Jones is a lifelong vegetarian turned vegan with a strong passion for the welfare of animals and our planet. Her influence on Jeremy inspired him to commit to a plant-based diet. Kaitlyn oversees the packaging supply division of one of the largest independently owned corrugated companies in North America, giving her exceptional eye for detail, logistics expertise, and a deep understanding of the impact of packaging on our planet. 

our team